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Plage de l'Eventail

Intra-Muros / Le Sillon
35400 Saint-Malo
Seien Sie der Erste, der mit Seine Meinung geben und helfen zukünftige Besucher eine Vorstellung von diesem Ort zu bekommen.
Sheltered by the ramparts, this beach is located in front of the National Fort and at the extremity of the Sillon, the large beach of Saint-Malo. It is accessible from the ramparts through the Saint-Thomas gate or through the Sillon.

The National Fort, built in 1689 is accessible at low tide. Further away on your right you can observe the Conchée Fort, both built following the plans of Vauban, the main architect of king Louis XIV.

Perfect for a family swim.
Watched beach and first aid station in summer.
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